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Wed, 17 Jan 2007

Person Merging

I like to work down at a nearby café one day a week or so, just for a change of pace, and to try to emulate the behavior of famous software companies. :-) Recently I started chatting with another patron there when I noticed that he stopped bringing in a Windows laptop and was now using a Mac. I learned his first name, and over the last couple of months, we've chatted at bit when we run into each other there.

Meanwhile, I've been corresponding with a fellow Alameda resident over the last couple of months; he has started up a local political group that I've been hoping to get involved with — but haven't yet.

Yesterday I discovered that those two people — the guy at the café and the guy I've been exchanging emails with — are the same person!

What a strange thing to happen, to have to now merge two "people" (in my mental model of the world) into one!