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Wed, 03 Jan 2007

How to upgrade your iPod to 40GB

OK, it doesn't involve any hard-drive swapping or deal-making with Apple. Here's how I've upgraded to a 40 GB iPod -- I bought a new iPod, and I'm selling my 30GB iPod on eBay.

Actually, what I'm selling is almost completely new -- I had taken in my 30Gigger into the Apple Store because it was having a few problems (e.g. it was narcoleptic, falling asleep while playing music, even while docked). They swapped it for a brand new unit. But since it was so new, I thought this was a good time to "upgrade" to 40 GB, so I could sell the almost-new 30-gigger.

And it still doesn't hold my entire music collection. (I was an eMusic member for a while; it's amazing how much you can accumulate!)

If anybody wants to buy this iPod, which has all the accessories still wrapped up, since I just swapped them with the new stuff that came with the 40-gigger, I'll throw in a license to Watson to the lucky winner!