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Fri, 15 Dec 2006

Presentation at CocoaHeads

Scott Stevenson was nice enough to blog about my presentation at the Silicon Valley CocoaHeads meeting, both before and after the fact.

It was really fun. I have gone to a meeting here and there; we even presented Sandvox at a special meeting at the Apple Store in San Francisco during last year's Macworld Expo. But this gave me a chance to get really technical, talking about some of the design decisions we made for Sandvox, our use of open source, some client/server techniques we've used for bug reporting and payment, and so forth.

The meeting really inspired me to start blogging about some of this here. I've been in hiding for the last few months while we've hunkered down for this last release of Sandvox, but I don't want to stay hunkered down forever! Maybe if I post some interesting stuff here, Scott will list this blog, or at least the Cocoa section of it, on CocoaBlogs!