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Dan Wood Dan Wood is co-owner of Karelia Software, creating programs for the Macintosh computer. He is the father of two kids, lives in the Bay Area of California USA, and prefers bicycles to cars. This site is his older weblog, which mostly covers geeky topics like Macs and Mac Programming. Go visit the current blog here.

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Mon, 20 Nov 2006

LazyWeb: Blog system that will aggregate multiple authors?

Maybe somebody who reads this will have some suggestions. I'm trying to help a friend set up a blog that allows multiple authors to each have their own sub-blog, that they would post to along the same lines of a wordpress or blogger blog, and could be viewed or subscribed to individually as an individual blog; all the sub-blogs would be aggregated into an overall blog that would merge all of the authors together on a single main blog page, feed that aggregates all the other posts, etc. I don't think bloger or wordpress are up to this. Any suggestions?