ABCD: Lesson Overview

This version may be distributed noncommercially. No part of this may be used for any commercial purposes without express permission of the author. Since this is a work in progress, it is highly recommended that you contact the author or check the main ABCD web page, to be sure you have the latest version.

This version is very bare bones, and it is assumed you know how to deal with learning typing. Concepts like the "home row" and such should be familiar. You should know about the shift key, the space bar, how not to hunt and peck, and so forth. I don't have any scoring system for errors or speed. (I assume you are self-motivated to learn all this.)

(Thanks to the many folks who have sent me their comments on these lessons. Special thanks to Andrew Arensburger for his nitpicking corrections and to Jeff Bigler for his incorporation of input areas for practicing right on the page.)

There are 29 individual lessons, which either introduce new keys, or are comprehensive, using words that you should know how to form at that stage. Each lesson should probably be repeated at least once to ensure that the hands are connecting to the brain properly. :-)

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