Lesson 17
Comprehensive, including ' and L

aaaa cccc dddd eeee gggg hhhh iiii llll nnnn
oooo pppp rrrr ssss tttt uuuu '''' ,,,, ....

"Hello," Ellen laughed, as she collided into Allen. In a nutshell, Clinton still had an electoral landslide. The alcoholic general staged a coup d'etat in Tallahassee. Lucille and Randall cleaned their plates in the candlelight. Leland alleged that "Gilligan's Island" is a little illogical. Sinead O'Connor's latest single isn't going to appall Russell. Colonial landlords near London once said "ain't," not "isn't." Caroline D'Arc is an enrollee at that college in Philadelphia. Didn't she hear, Cal used lots o' laterals, in the last seconds. Eileen O'Hare and Pat O'Shea still shouldn't tell Leslie O'Neill. "This little oriental elephant is a cultural sellout," said Helen. The illegal planeload o' pollutants hasn't landed at Chicago's O'Hare. She'll call Allison in Honolulu, not a local call, on her cellular phone.

This'll enthrall the linguists...using the letter "L," one can spell "chocolate." Allegra, an unparalleled intellectual, calculated the celestial latitudes and longitudes in her sleep.

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