Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Dvorak Keyboard is not a separate keyboard. (Well, not with computers, anyway.) It's a logical layout, in which you tell your operating system what physical keypresses correspond to what characters appear on your screen.
  • The Mac comes with the Dvorak layout. From System Preferences, chose "International," and from the "Input Menu" tab, check "Dvorak" (or "Dvorak - Qwerty ⌘)
  • If you are a Wintel user, it can be set as well.
  • If you're searching for other Dvorak layouts to install, try looking at
  • This course is not a tutor for left-handed or right-handed Dvorak layouts.  Some information about them can be found on Dvorak's Wikipedia entry.
  • The name "Dvorak" as a typing layout has nothing to do with John Dvorak or Antonín Dvořák (classical music composer).
  • I know now that one commercial software package, Mavis Bacon Teaches Typing, does have Dvorak lessons. I don't know how good they are, though.
  • If you want to try these lessons off-line, try saving each lesson page, either as source (to include the entry fields) or as text-only.
  • To find out more about Dvorak, check out Dvorak International. or other sites from our list of Dvorak links.
  • Yes, I Know that the picture above (by Jeff Bettens) is of a regular keyboard, or at least not a Dvorak one. But remember, you don't have to move your keys around to use the Dvorak layout!

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