Lesson 7
Comprehensive, including A and S

aaaa eeee hhhh nnnn oooo ssss tttt uuuu

ah ah ah ah  an an an an  at at at at  ha ha ha ha  so so so so  us us us us

ash ash ash ash  San San San San  sat sat sat sat  sea sea sea sea

ease ease ease ease  east east east east  Haas Haas Haas Haas
Hans Hans Hans Hans  hash hash hash hash  sane sane sane sane
sash sash sash sash  Sean Sean Sean Sean  seat seat seat seat
Stan Stan Stan Stan

Sean hates tetanus shots Eat the toast at ten to noon The Taos sun shone as hot as Santa Anna Anthea assesses the estate at South Tahoe Hotshot Hanna uses these shoes that Shannon soon sees At noon on the teahouse Aunt Tess hushes the nauseous host Annette senses the sensuous sunset onset on the Athens sea Tess Sutton notates the tenuous state that southeast Houston has seen Ethan Ness attests to these Tennessee Senate OSHA statutes to shun Utah

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