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Dan Wood Dan Wood is co-owner of Karelia Software, creating programs for the Macintosh computer. He is the father of two kids, lives in the Bay Area of California USA, and prefers bicycles to cars. This site is his older weblog, which mostly covers geeky topics like Macs and Mac Programming. Go visit the current blog here.

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Fri, 25 Jul 2008

Still Looking for Graphic Gurus

Over on the Karelia weblog, we posted a note that we were looking for somebody to help with technical support, and also a Graphic Artist/Designer to contract with us for some cool projects.

We're covered on the tech support end now, but we are still looking for some really dynamite graphic designers, who would be interested in web designs, icons, and a very artistic user interface for a product that we are starting to work on.

Experience isn't really necessary but talent is. :-)

If that's you, and you have an online portfolio, drop me a line: contractors_summer08@karelia.com.