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Wed, 23 Jul 2008

Apple, it's time to lift the iPhone development NDA.

The reason that the Mac developer community is thriving so much is the exchange of information among developers to help fill in the gaps in documentation and understanding of the details. Most Mac applications have been developed because of the open access to information about development and the ability to share that information. I can understand the iPhone SDK being under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before the release of 2.0, but to continue the silence is making things very bad. It's preventing conferences, classes, books, and tutorials from happening. Is there *anything* good about the NDA continuing? I think not.

I am ready to dive into iPhone development — we have not quite yet take the plunge — but if an NDA continues, I may just sit this one out.

Here is an interesting idea: Gather petitions showing the strong desire for the iPhone SDK to be open so that developers can discuss things. This isn't just for developers to sign! If you are an iPhone user, you are only going to benefit in the quality of the iPhone applications available if Apple lifts the NDA. If they don't, your applications are not going to be as good.

So Please sign the petition here.