2nd Report-an-Apple-Bug Friday

Brent is off to an early start on Report-an-Apple-Bug Friday ... so I'd better get on the ball.

This week's bug is inspired by the recent interview with John Gruber. He mentions that Lucida Grande, the system font on OSX, needs an italic version. (Well, technically, an oblique version since it's a sans-serif font.) What he said! It's crazy how Safari substitutes Helvetica Oblique for it, too (see below). I have been lamenting this for years, but it didn't occur to me to submit it as a %#$#$# bug report until now! So now I have .. bug 4223632.

Lucida really needs a true oblique variant, not Helvetica!

So why don't you, dear reader, do the same. (Use this if you don't have an Apple Developer Account.) (Hopefully, John will too.... he may never be Chief UI designer or Chief UI Critic at Apple, but he, like you, can have some impact.

(By the way, I will miss next Friday for this exciting series. If all goes as planned, I will be nowhere near a computer then. So please carry on without me — don't let me down — and I'll resume the following week. I have some great ideas about difficulty deleting songs in iTunes and photos in iPhoto to report...)