Safari's History Menu Sucks

I've still been using Safari in spite of its slow decline over the last year or so. (Is it just me, or is it just buggy somehow?) After seeing nearly every presenter at the recent HTML5DevConf using Chrome, I guess I'm not alone in my frustration with Safari.

Still, out of habit, I've held on.

Today, I became conscious of something that's bothered me for a while. Let's say you do some Google searching, and then you want to use your History menu to view some pages you found earlier. But the pages you found aren't there. Instead, some obscure Google URLs.

Or perhaps you were on Twitter, clicking on some links, and you want to go back later and re-open some of those URLs you found. Yet your history shows only the shortened "" URLs.

Not very useful!

Compare Safari to Firefox and Chrome.


Yes, I reported it to Apple, Radar 12549677. I guess I still have hopes that Safari will get better again.

P.S. Chrome, what's up with the favicons?

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