Get Thee to a Maker Faire

Today was the second annual "Mini Maker Faire" in Oakland.  It's essentially a smaller version of the main Maker Faire in San Mateo that's been held each year in May for the last several years.

If you've never been to one, and you have any geeky tendencies — especially if you also have inquisitive kids — you should keep your eye out for one! I hear there are fairies in Portland, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, and so forth. I heard talk of a San Francisco one coming soon too.

There is so much going on!  I took this GoPano video of a typical scene.  Near me was a station where (mostly kids) could build popsicle stick structures and then test out their stability on earthquake simulations of different soil types, air-pressure-powered paper tube rocket making and launching, an outdoor wood-fire oven where people could make pretzels, a solar oven demonstration (waiting for the sun to come out), and an art space.

Of course there was so much more going on. Rides around the grounds on all kinds of creature/bicycle hybrids. Demonstrations of urban farming like beekeeping and raising backyard chickens. Crafts for making, or crafts for sale. Build your own floating landscapes for a serene "water temple." Fire-belching machinery. Blacksmithing demonstrations. Mylar creativity. 3-D printer demonstrations. Lots of food trucks. And more.

Highly recommended.

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